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The Rut M'blanca


This is a video game crossover fan comic. If you've never played or don't like the Final Fantasy series, you might not like this comic. You'll best appreciate this comic if you've played Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, some Pokémon, any Mario game, any Star Fox game, and a bit of Chrono Trigger. This comic, like most of my work, is done for fun, out of appreciation for my favorite games, and to share a big story the best way I can (no profit here, no sir.)

Chimera Quest is the last entry in The Phoenix Chronicles, although it's not necessary to know the rest of the story to understand the comic.

The Rut M'blanca, or White Chimera, is one of the last of King Bahamut's Great Espers born into the mortal world. Left for dead in the wake of Ragnarok, the long-fabled "End of the World" that culminated in the Third Dragon War, the White Chimera must rely on his own strength, ingenuity and heart to make it back to his home planet.

The catch? He really did die, and his new lease on life will require a new body...

The Phoenix Chronicles: History and Glossary

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