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Kumog "Here is where you can find all the... colorful characters our White Chimera meets, kupo."

name: Barnath
race: rapier
world of: (none)

"Less talk, more chaos."

Barnath has a quick temper and a foul mouth to match it. Once a servant of Jorumgand, Barnath now wanders the mortal universe on a path of vengeance. He despises the espers and will do anything to ensure their ruin.
What inspired his grudge against Bahamut and the Great Espers? What measures will he take to get his revenge?

name: Bairith
race: rapier
world of: (none)

"Anything can be manipulated: time, space, memories... not the least of all, life."

Bairith is Barnath's brother and everything his fiery, impetuous sibling isn't; he has a smooth tongue and a cold, calculating wit. Bairith is well-tuned to the spirit world and has an easier time finding and possessing living bodies, as rapiers are wont to do.
He's set on following Barnath to the ends of the universe, but does Bairith have motives of his own?

name: Iifa(?)
race: Genome
world of: Final Fantasy IX

A betailed woman sleeping in the bowels of Gaia's Iifa Tree. Bairith conjectures that she is the Iifa Tree itself.
Who is the maiden of the tree? How did she come to be? Will she become an ally or enemy of Gaia?

name: Doug
race: human
world of: Final Fantasy VIII

"The problem with being the best is that you're always getting called on it."

Confident and bold, Doug takes conflicts head-on. He grew up in Galbadia Garden, training to become a SeeD, a part of the world's most elite mercenary force. However, he fell out of the ranks early, left Garden and became a GF hunter in the employ of Dr. Odine. His childhood friends, Marie and Daniel, followed him, despite their promising careers as SeeDs. Doug can sometimes appear cocky and insensitive, but he always has his friends' best interests at heart.

name: Daniel
race: human
world of: Final Fantasy VIII

"If knowledge is power and power corrupts, that must mean knowledge corrupts! School is evil!"

Daniel considers himself Doug's friendly rival, though sometimes their quarrels get out-of-hand. Daniel can be clumsy or forgetful at times, but he's smarter than he looks... and acts.

name: Marie
race: human
world of: Final Fantasy VIII

"Where there's a will, there's a way."

Young and determined, Marie hunts for GFs alongside her friends, Doug and Daniel. Soft-spoken and reserved in manner, she takes the boys' antics in stride, and often plays the role of big sister to them.

name: Dr. Odine
race: human
world of: Final Fantasy VIII

"It iz a vonderful thing to know that my invention is used in ze future!"

Doctor Odine is a top authority on magic and magical artifacts. His lab is located in Esthar, the technological capital of the world. He invented GF junctioning and is a famous researcher of the sorceresses. His sociopathic disposition tends to get his "test subjects" into trouble, however.

name: Kumog
race: moogle
world of: various Final Fantasy

"You say that as if it's a bad thing, kupo."

A prudish bookkeeper of the Council of Great Espers. He was tasked with keeping an eye on the Rut M'blanca and helping him return to Gaia, if possible. He's very particular with the way he shares his wealth of knowledge, however, and is careful not to break the esper code of non-interference with mortal affairs.

name: Mew
race: pokémon
world of: Pokémon


A psychic sprite with arcane powers. Mew is able to create portals to any known part of the galaxy--the only catch is that mortals can't use them. Mew accompanies Kumog on the task Lord Bahamut charged them, providing friendly support (and free transportation). Mew speaks an obscure dialect of Tri-Xi, the old dragon language, which sometimes only Kumog can understand. To everyone else, it sounds like mewing.

name: Squall Leonhart
race: human
world of: Final Fantasy VIII


Commander of Balamb Garden, the center of SeeD operations. Years ago he led a team of GFs and fellow SeeDs to defeat Sorceress Ultimecia, and has since been respected as a strong, stoic leader (whether he wants to be or not.) His experience and expertise concerning Guardian Forces rivals even Doctor Odine's...

name: Xu
race: human
world of: Final Fantasy VIII

"We thought you should have a title. So Quistis and I decided on commander."

Commander Leonhart's assistant and a top-ranked SeeD operative. She and Squall don't always see eye-to-eye, but manage to behave professionally around one another.

name: Quistis Trepe
race: human
world of: Final Fantasy VIII

"GF give us strength. The stronger the GF, the stronger we become."

A blue mage, a top-ranked SeeD and one of Squall's few close friends. Intelligent and prudent, Quistis used to be an instructor at Balamb Garden before the last Sorceress War, and sometimes she develops a lecturing tone when speaking.

name: Zell Dincht
race: human
world of: Final Fantasy VIII

"Ohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeah!"

A top-ranked SeeD from Balamb who specializes in martial arts. Zell's loud mouth and over-enthusiasm can sometimes lead to trouble, but his good nature always leads him to fight for what he believes is right.

name: Zidane
race: moomba(?)
world of: Final Fantasy IX

"All I ever wanted was a place to call home."

Zidane is the Rut M'blanca, our hapless White Chimera, one of Bahamut's Great Espers--a fact he learns just a little too late to save his own hide. After losing his life in the Battle of Genova, instead of returning to the Lifestream, Zidane is reborn into his "true" calling: a summon monster.
If he ever wants to see Gaia or his beloved again, he'll need a lot of help...